Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL is a non-invasive and innovative treatment for dry eyes. We’re excited to offer this type of technology, which produces long-lasting dry eye relief for our patients.
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an eye with a blue water drop over the iris and pupil

A young woman with white goggles and gel around her eyes and a machine against her cheek.


What makes IPL effective in treating dry eyes?

One of the most common causes of chronic dry eyes is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), which can cause poor oil secretion. Oil helps stop rapid evaporation of the tears – so too little oil means the tear film protecting the eye becomes unstable and evaporates too quickly.

This can cause the symptoms of:
– burning
– redness
– watering eyes – yes, dry eyes make your eyes water!
– light sensitivity
– itching
– blurred vision
– eye fatigue
– and other discomforts.

What is the technology behind IPL?

IPL is a dry eye treatment using regulated, polychromatic pulsed light (applied on the lower lid just above the cheeks) to stimulate the parasympathetic nerve connected to the meibomian glands, signalling it to regenerate, stimulate oil secretion, and stabilise the tear film.

This energy is transferred precisely, timely, and uses perfectly calibrated light pulses to stimulate the glands.

How does IPL treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction?

As a result of the treatment, IPL is effective by:
– improving gland function
– unclogging glands
– preserving gland structure
– preventing gland atrophy
– reducing inflammation
– restoring tear quality
– offering relief from dry eyes

What should I expect during the treatment sessions?

A purple, black and white machine with the logo E-EyeIPL technology is shown to be safe to use, non-invasive, painless, and quick to perform (typically up to 10 minutes).

The scheduled sessions for optimal results should be as follows:
– Day 1
– Day 15
– Day 45 (1 month later)
– Day 75 (optional or as needed)

IPL offers prolonged relief of dry eyes and maintains the functioning of the meibomian glands, resetting its ability to produce healthy oils and tear film several months or years after the therapy.


Walk me through the IPL procedure:

  1. You rest comfortably on the treatment couch.
  2. Safety eye wear is provided for you to wear.
  3. Optical gel is applied generously along treatment areas (this includes the under eye, cheekbone, and into the temporal areas.
  4. A series of flashes will be given on each of your eyes during the session. Five flashes will be applied under the eye area (just above the cheeks) of each eye, starting from the nose to the temple.
  5. Once the treatment is complete, gel is cleaned off and your eye protection is removed. There is no recovery time needed.

It is recommended to wear sun protection (Ie. sunglasses, hat, and / or sunscreen) or avoid direct sunlight or tanning immediately after each session.

What results should I expect from IPL?

A clinical study with participants in France, New Zealand, and China demonstrated a 90% satisfaction rate after only two sessions (day 1 and day 15) with reduced discomfort.

The perceived relief was immediate after treatment and lasted several days after the first treatment. Following subsequent sessions (2nd and 3rd), the perceived relief was sustained.

The improvement in symptoms is reported to last from 6 months to 3 years.

Is IPL the right treatment for my dry eyes?

 You have persistent or chronic dry eye symptoms
 Other treatments, like eye drops, warm compress, etc, have not provided long-term relief
 You have Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)

IPL is not recommended for those that:
– have lupus
– have a darker skin tone (level 6)
– have a history of epilepsy
– take photosensitive medication
– are currently undergoing dermatological skin resurfacing treatments

Please note:

Dry eye disease is complex and often involves the lacrimal glands, eyelids, and tear film. There are other causes of dry eye disease related to acute or chronic preexisting health conditions, hormonal changes, long-term medication use, and other health issues.

How do I book my IPL treatment?

To book your IPL sessions please contact us or call us directly on Brisbane: 07 3154 1515 or Noosa: 07 5345 5011.